Beyond right and wrong director lekha singh awarded Snowball influencer award

18 Jan. 2014  Emily Franson, Cause Brands

In connection with Hadley Impact, Rotary International and many others, we are honored to host Lekha Singh the producer of Beyond Right and Wrong and Kweku Mandela, grandson of Nelson Mandela, for this event!

Following the joint screening of Beyond Right & Wrong, we awarded the producer, Lekha Singh with the Cause Brands Snowball Influencer Award. We congratulate Lekha on the completion of her compelling and moving film as well as the global movement as communities embrace her film and began sharing the message for "forgiveness and reconciliation."  

 As Lekha accepted the award she commented on the long journey this has been and the tremendous difficulty in choosing which stories to share. Ultimately, she anticipates sharing many more stories from the filming process.  In the Q&A portion, both Lekha and Kweku Mandela, Grandson of Nelson Mandela, discussed the need for this message to be shared and understood. They cautioned that even now, they each don't have a simple answer for how to forgive or even how it is possible to move on from such tragedies.  

 However, Kweku did comment that he thinks it takes a personal will and deep desire to rise above the tragedy that propels people forward in the healing process. Lekha commented that for many of the people interviewed, they saw it as their duty to heal and move past the tragedy for future generations. 
Thank you to Lekha and to Kweku for bringing such a powerful message to film and for inspiring each of us to move beyond ourselves and find that humanity in everyone.  

Thank you to J.M. Diaz Photography for the great photos! We welcome you to tag yourselves and share the evening with your friends and family! Let's spread the message of this amazing film!

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18 Jan. 2014  Emily Franson, Cause Brands

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Cause Brands is a launchpad for sustainable brands that give back, drive global change and impact society for good.

We are passionate about changing the world and creating real, sustainable impact. We do this by helping brands leverage partnerships for good in sustainable, impactful ways that ultimately help strengthen the company to be able to create even more good.

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